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Instructions for entering the hotel



1. The entrance is located at the car park at Parkowa street (Nova shopping center).

2. The main entrance is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. If You arrive outside of the opening hours, please should use the code that you will receive.

Attention! If the lock is in a sleep mode please press the ‘*’ button. You should then see a blue backlit keyboard, that means that you can now insert the code. The code is an eight-digit code preceded by the * or # character.

3. After you enter the building please head over to the third floor using the elevator or the stairs.

4. On the third floor there are 2 doors that indicate the hotel room numbers. Here You need to insert the given code for the second time. Afterwards You will find yourself in a hallway where You need to find our room number.

5. The last step is to enter the code for the third and final time on our door handle.


Please remember to keep the code always with you, because the door closes automatically.


You can leave the facility at anytime. The checkout process undergoes automatically. You can just close the door and leave the room. Of course following the given regulations in the "Hotel regulations" card. If you breached the hotel regulation please contact us via e-mail:



Have a nice stay Hotel Panorama. In the heart of Szczecinek.

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